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Please note there are no preorders scheduled. Please see below for our most recent sales. 



Our Water Resistant Canvas (WRC) pre-order will open at 10am on the 11th November. Please note that this is a capped pre-order, meaning there is a limit on how much is available to order. The round will close on Wednesday 15th at 8pm OR EARLIER if the cap is reached. We strongly recommend you order early. 

IMPORTANT: In the interests of trying to keep things fair for all out customers, there is an individual limit of five metres per household for the first 24 hours. If the total cap is not reached by 10am on Sunday you can add by using the combine code.

This is the only base that these designs will be available on. Turnaround time is 12-16 weeks. Please do not order in-stock fabrics at the same time as your pre-order. 

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