About Our Fabrics

Cotton Lycra (CL) 95% cotton 5% elastane, 260GSM ,4-way stretch, 150cm WOF. Our most popular and versatile base, CL is truly a workhorse fabric and is commonly used for children's clothing. At 260GSM, ours is a heavier weight CL and is perfect for a range of adult sews such as leggings and pencil skirts. It has good structure and low drape. 

Bamboo Lycra (BL) 90% bamboo 10% elastane, 230GSM, 4-way stretch, 150cm WOF. CL’s slinky cousin. Fantastic drape, lovely and soft. Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties. Popular for clothing which doesn’t require a lot of structure such as summer tank tops, dresses, or flowy skirts. Bamboo Lycra is still a durable fabric but a little more care should be taken during a wash routine.

French Terry (FT) 95% cotton 5% elastane, 280GSM 4-way stretch, 150cm WOF. Similar to CL with smooth cotton top but slightly heavier as the underside has small soft loops which also give it a little extra warmth. Perfect for jumpers and jogger bottoms.

Bamboo French Terry (BFT) 95% bamboo 5% elastane, 260GSM, 4-way stretch, 150cm WOF. My absolute favourite base ever, BFT combines the softness and drape of bamboo with a little extra warmth. Soft and luxurious, this is perfect for a range of garment sews.

Polyurethane Laminate (PUL) 100% polyester, 150GSM, minimal stretch, 150cm WOF. Commonly used in cloth nappies and other baby items, wetbags, bowl covers, or anything requiring a water resistant layer. Smooth finish to both fabric sides. Please note that this is regular and not food safe PUL. 

Laminated Minky (LM) 88% polyester 12% elastane, 265GSM, minimal stretch, 150cm WOF. Beautiful short pile minky with a water resistant layer bonded to the underside. Perfect for cloth nappies (don’t need the usual invisible layer of PUL you’d get with a CL or regular minky shell) bibs, smocks, change mats, or just to stroke. 

Cotton Muslin (CM) 100% cotton, 140GSM, no stretch, 135cm WOF. Soft gauze fabric with lovely texture and good drape. Popular for baby swaddles or burp cloths, or a range of garments such as light tops or skirts. 

Cotton Canvas (CC) 100% cotton, 240GSM, no stretch, 150cm WOF. Sturdier heavier weight woven fabric with enough structure for bags but light enough for garments such as shorts and dungarees. Super versatile base also popular for tote bags, oven gloves and tea towels.

Swim (SWIM) 88% polyester 12% elastane, 240GSM, 4-way stretch, 150cm WOF. Perfect for… swimsuits! Slightly cool and slippery to the touch, swim knit is also great for rash guards and sports wear, Our swim fabric is rated SPF 40+ for sun protection.

Athleisure (ATH) 77% polyester 23% elastane, 270GSM, 4-way stretch, 150cm WOF. Buttery soft, squat proof and incredibly comfortable, our athleisure is ideal for a range of activities and sews. Please note that, as is the case with many custom printed sports fabrics, when stretched, the white base can become visible, especially on darker designs.

Stretch Woven (SWOV) 88% polyester 12% elastane, 120GSM, 2-way stretch/give (approx 10-15%), 150cm WOF. Lightweight, flowy fabric perfect for tops and dresses or athletic wear.

Squish (SQ) 100% polyester, 310GSM, 4-way stretch, 150cm WOF. Soft and fluffy on both sides, our double stretch minky is like wearing a hug. Perfect for snuggly clothes, or leave as a blanket, the choice is yours!

Softshell (SS) 96% polyester 4% elastane, 320GSM, slight 2-way stretch/give (approx 10%), 145cm WOF. Three layer thermal bonded fabric, smooth top, water-resistant layer, soft microfleece bottom. Perfect for jackets, puddle suits, hats, pram mitts, and anything that helps protect you from our lovely British weather!

Vinyl (VL) 100% polyester/PU, 640GSM, no stretch, 142cm WOF. Also referred to as faux leather, this base is perfect for the bag makers among us! Sold by the fat quarter rather than half metre. Please note that vinyl is likely to be sent folded not rolled. 

Linen (LN) 30% linen 70% viscose, 160GSM, no stretch, 150cm WOF. A special new base for our summer round, linen is a beautifully soft base perfect for a number of sews. A happy middle ground between our linen and canvas bases, we think it's going to be a popular one!

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